News: Sentai Filmworks Acquires Long Riders

Today (October 25th 2016) Sentai Filmworks has announced they are licensing the Fall 2016 anime Long Riders. This show is currently being directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, and is a production of studio Actas. Sentai has announced that a video release is slated for sometime after the completion of the show. The synopsis of  Long Riders is as follows:

For first-year college student Ami Kurata, it was love at first sight when she laid her eyes on a folding bike. She saves up money to buy one of her own, then pedals right into the exciting world of long-distance bicycling. After forming a cycling team on campus, Ami and her four new bike mates prepare for the ride of their lives in an upcoming long-distance race.

Long riders is currently streaming on Daisuki, so head on over there to catch all the cycling action this season. Be sure to check out Sentai Filmworks to find out when this series gets its eventual home release as well.

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