Anime Studio Simulator Visual Novel Out Today!

Visualnoveler has released the visual novel Anime Studio Simulator on Steam!


Anime Studio Simulator is a visual novel with simulation elements in which the player manages an anime studio.

You’ll play as Yukari, the team’s director. Your role is to guide your team by deciding on the best course of action to produce your own anime series. Other factors will come into play as well, such as outsourcing work and dealing with random events.

It’ll be a tough journey for your team, especially since they lack experience. Furthermore, they’ll have to battle deadlines, stress, limited funds, and more. Can you guide them past all obstacles to successful create an anime?


Yukari is a teenage girl who recently graduated from high school. However, she has important plans for her vacation: making her own ANIME!

With newly-gained investment funds and the help of her friends, she hopes to turn her dream into reality. Will Yukari and her team make an unforgettable impression on the anime industry… or collapse from the pressure of creating their own anime series?


Anime Studio Simulator features choice-driven gameplay, which affects the story and ending. It will have 6 different endings depending on the actions you take and how well you produce your anime.

Random events occur in the game based on the state of your team and your anime series. This will provide additional replay value beyond the multiple endings


Here is a preview of what can be experienced in the game:


Find out more about the game on their website HERE

Buy the game on Steam HERE


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