Overwatch BlizzCon News!

Today – Blizzard finally announced the new character Sombra in a brand new Overwatch short video. Blizzard founder Michael Morhaime announced that she would be a “stealthy offensive infiltrator, capable of “hacking” hero abilities.” What that means will likely be announced later in the convention, but for now all Overwatch fans can take heart in the knowledge that the new hero will be here soon! Check out the amazing video below!

On top of this two new maps  were announced. Oasis will be a 6 vs 6 map set in a terraformed city in the Arabian desert. Research Point Antarctic will be an arcade map set in the laboratory in Mei’s lore! The Arctic map and Sombra will be available on the PTR server next week, and the Oasis map will be available on the same server in December.


On the eSports end they announced the formation of an “Overwatch League”. This league will feature a NFL style combine for the drafting of players by teams! In short it’s a very exciting time to be an Overwatch eSports player and fan. More Overwatch news is sure to come as BlizzCon continues, so keep your eyes on Anime Arcade for more!

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