Anime Arcade 22 – Fall 2016 Reviews!

Carlos, Jeff, JD, and Logan sit down and review all of the anime that they watched from the Fall 2016 season!


There will be spoilers for most of the shows discussed.


List of shows discussed with scores:

Brave Witches – 3/5

Izetta the Last Witch – 2.5/5

My Wife is the Student Council President+ – 4/5

Kiss Him Not Me – 3/5

WIXOSS – 2/5

Www. working – 4.5/5

Yuri on Ice – 3.5/5

Scorching Ping Pong Girls – 3.5/5

Girlish Number – 2.5/5

MGRP – 2.5/5

Sound Euphonium – 5/5

Magic of Stella – 3/5

Drifters – 4.5/5

Poco’s Udon World – 3/5

Keijo!!!!!!!! – 5/5

Haikyuu S3 -5/5 



music by Bensound

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