News – Section 23 Announces Revival of Softcel Pictures

WARNING: This news is of a perverse nature! Specifically this post deals with a hentai licensing company, but doesn’t show any actual pornography. If even the thought of people enjoying hentai offends you to the point of messaging indignation at me, please avert thine eyes. Similarly if you’re underage don’t read this… because reasons.

[14 February 2017]  Section 23 Films announced the revival of the hentai production company Softcel Pictures. This company has been out of the licensing game for 17 years, and their last licensed film was G-Taste in 1999. Section 23 aims to bring back these purveyors of perversity around June 2017, with a host of new licenses for fans of the lewd. The hilariously ecchi announcement by Softcel Pictures reads:

The revival of SoftCel Pictures is driven by a new mission: to achieve maximum market penetration and bring the finest in animated erotic entertainment directly from Japan to an eager and willing audience; to bring startling Blu-ray level clarity to acts that previously were hidden under sheets and layers of mosaics; and to boldly let anime characters go where they have never gone before!
With the finest translation, English-subtitles, and HD materials that allow the viewers to take in every detail, SoftCel will deliver the highest quality in adult animated entertainment, straight from the uncut, uncensored masters. SoftCel Pictures aims to provide a sensual and sense pounding animated experience that exceeds all audience expectations, taking the viewer to dizzying new heights of ecstasy. The only thing not included is ribbing for enhanced viewing pleasure.

The first title for Softcel Pictures has already been announced on their website as The Patients of Dr. Maro (and it looks SUPER weird), and it is available for pre-order now (link in sources)! Other titles that have been announced are King of Breasts, Slave Princess, Sex Hypnotist Zero, and The Devil’s Virgins. Are you excited for a whole new hentai licensing company? Let us know what you think, and what hentai licenses you would want a Blu-ray / Collectors Edition copy of… you filthy perverts you.

Classy editing if I do say so myself (and I do). Also told you it looked weird, the fuck is going on with his face?!?


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