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I hope all you fellow admirals are having a good time with the current Winter 2017 event. You know, smiling and congratulating your friends on their lucky drops while you silently stew neck deep in envy. What? Me? Jealous? How absurd. I love you all. Truly. Deeply.

Anyway, you probably have been playing KanColle for a while, and think you know what’s up. You’ve got some fancy pants gear, some fancy pants ships, and think, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this game!” Then, tragedy strikes! You accidentally feed that brand new level 1 Libeccio you’ve been farming to your Lv. 20 Amatsukaze Kai for your daily modernization quest.

“How can this happen??? I thought I knew everything about this game! I’ve read all the guides and everything!”


Well, I’m here to help! Here are some tips, tricks, and tools that will make your KanColle experience easier and more stress free! (I can’t help with the ship drop thing though.)


First off, the big one: Heart-locking! In my opinion, heart-locking your ships and equipment is a simple solution to avoid catastrophe. When you heart-lock your girls and gear, it brings about a nice piece of mind. You can’t scrap them and you can’t turn them into food. So the silly admiral who clicked too fast, and didn’t want to wait for the portrait of the ship to come up is now down one U-511. That could have been completely avoided if he just spent the 2 seconds to heart-lock that ship as soon as he got her!

To heart-lock your precious new kanmusume, you must first click on the green button that lets you swap ships in your fleet. Then find your ship, and simply look for the ghostly heart-shape lock that is currently unlocked. Click it! The ghostly lock will turn pink and solid to indicate that now your girl is safely protected from any accidents you may have with your finger’s wild clicking.

Locking equipment is similar. Instead, you go to the screen where you equip your wonderful ships with your 5 star ultra rare gear. Click on a slot and then look for that max-rank +10 one-of-a-kind Type 0 Fighter Model 53 (Iwamoto Squadron), and it too will have a ghostly lock on the far right. Click it! Now it is safe from your scrapping sessions when its next to all those other planes with those funny looking moon runes that you can barely tell the difference of.

Equipment Tips

Speaking of equipment, did you know you can easily sort and filter your equipment so you don’t have to flip through 80 pages of trash to find that beautiful QF 2-pounder Octuple Pom-pom Gun Mount? When you click on an equipment slot and it brings up the box with your 200 12cm Single Gun Mounts that you keep forgetting to scrap, look for the the green button in the header of the box. Just click it and you’ll get a drop-down menu with (what should be) some familiar looking symbols. They each represent various types of equipment, and filter it so you don’t have to search for that one Type 32 Surface Radar you have in dozens and dozens of pages.

Another handy button (only other button?) on this equipment menu is that blue one in the upper right hand corner. This is an especially cool button that lets you steal equipment from one girl, and give it to another! Even if that first girl is your waifu lv. 124 Kongou sitting naked in the repair dock for 25 hours, you can still take equipment off of her (which is really weird, they DO bathe naked right? Why do they still have equipment on? At least according to the anime they’re naked and bathing in that weird green liquid…). You still can’t take equipment off of ships who are out on expedition, but if you think about it for more than a second that will make complete sense. Don’t make me spell it out here.

This button is especially useful so you don’t have to hunt through every single one of your ships for that unique equipment on that obscure ship that you haven’t used in months. It also means you don’t have to comb through KC3’s equipment strategy room to find out who has your precious Fleet Command Facility that you literally haven’t used in months. How often are you doing combined fleet runs?

Fleet Presets

Speaking of combined fleets; they sure are a pain to set up, right? First you do your daily 3-2A runs and then go off and do some Orel Cruising. Then its time to sortie that event, and you got to put that Surface Combined Fleet together. Next thing you know, you find that rare Tokitsukaze you’ve always wanted, and go back to do some PvP to give her some levels. Well, you’ve just eaten up a ton of time remembering what ships were a part of which fleets and searching for them. HAVE NO FEAR! YOU CAN SAVE FLEETS AND RECALL THEM LATER! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC??

After you name your fleet whatever you want, you can save them into one of your preset slots. Everyone starts out with 3, but you can unlock up to 9 (as of this article, they add slots from time to time) using those same keys you might have bought to expand your repair docks. If you want to know more about that, well, go look up a guide on the money shop or something. I’m sure that exists somewhere out there.

Sadly, you can’t save a combined fleet. You can only save 1 fleet of 6 max ships at a time. So to save your party of 12, you’ll need to save them over 2 presets.


While staring at the above screenshots, you may have found yourself wondering, “what do these other mysterious buttons do?” I’m glad you asked! The funny lookin’ green button with the number next to it allows you to feed your cute girls sweets to make them happy! In game terms, it lets you feed your cute girls Irako and Mamiya to make them happy! OK fine, in actual game terms it raises their morale, and possibly makes them sparkle like the little bundles of abyssal slaughtering joy they are (except you my dear waifu Taigei, you can’t kill anything <3 ).

When you click that morale button, you’ll see the screen depicted in the image below. Basically, Irako by itself will sparkle your FS and maybe a couple other ones (adding about 25 morale to some ships). Mamiya brings ships back up to 40 morale (I never use that on its own…just be patient and wait 20-30 minutes!). The best use is mixing Mamiya and Irako together. It will basically give every ship 60-80 morale if they weren’t sparkled already. Smaller ships tend to gain more due to their love of sweet things. If you want to know more about morale, feel free to google a different guide.

Oh yeah, that weird grayed out button next to the morale one? You want to know what that is? Fine, it removes every ship from your current fleet except for your FS. Simple!

Speaking of simple, this next tip is pretty simple too.

Ship Sorting

When you’re selecting ships, it is possible to sort them by various criteria. You can sort them by level , ship type , how new they are , and by how much damage they’ve taken . These can be useful to find specific ships. You’re smart. I’m sure you’ll find reasons to use each of those options.

KC3 Strategy Room

That’s it for KanColle proper. Now on to the extremely useful tools outside of the game. The KC3 KanColle Battle Replayer and KC3’s Fleet Manager. These both use KC3 (if you haven’t figured that out, shame on you!), and start with the Battle->Maps/Events tab. These will bring you to your sortie history where you can pick from all the worlds, EOs, and Event maps that you’ve ever done (at least with KC3 installed) to see what exactly happened. Both of these features use the run number on the far left. It is actually a button you can press and when you do, you’ll be prompted to save an image. This image is magical. You can take that image, and upload it to the KanColle Battle Replayer website. From there you can replay your KanColle battles. At the very bottom of the replay you can see your ship loadouts and the enemy fleets. You can even share your replays with your friends. Then they can see how you somehow managed to kill that E-4 Hard boss, realizing it was 100% luck with no skill. I’m not bitter. Honest.

Anyway, you can link the below image and watch my Winter 2017 E-3 Normal LD clear run. I cleared it first try (thank you Shigure for not missing). I know it wasn’t on hard, but I just feel like it wasn’t worth it, ok? Baka…

You can see your equipment, and everything just fine on that Battle Replayer tool. Maybe you want some more details and not have to go through another website to get there. Just go to the Fleet->Manager tab to get to the Fleet Manager page. Thank you again Logan for enlightening me to this glorious feature.  This is a really cool tool if you don’t have your fleet preset saved, or if you’ve moved your equipment around a bunch. It has also been really helpful to share with friends and fellow teitoku on what you did and how you did it.

And with all that you are now prepared to take on the dreaded Spring 2017 Event! Or your hundreds of planned 3-2 and 4-3 runs. Whatever is fun for you.

Just be sure to listen to Ooi.


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