KanColle Spotlight – U-511 / RO-500

The KanColle Winter 2017 event had me glued to my ship-girls for another few week cycle, and in this cycle I got to thinking about how I hadn’t been writing about the girls. This time around I reached out to Companion Kyuubey for a list of 4 kan-musu, and then to the twitter community to pick from those 4 for me next spotlight. Thanks to everyone who voted for this girl (as she’s a recent acquisition of mine), and if you’re interested in voting in the next round you can do so by following us on Twitter. Also thanks to Companion Kyuubey for helping out on this list, helping us out in KanColle in general, and for writing a comprehensive guide to the nuances of the game (you can read it HERE). With those acknowledgments out of the way, let’s jump into all the submersible fun that is…

U-511 / Ro-500

U-511 was the first (and to date the only) foreign submarine to be added to the KanColle roster, and she is equally unique in that she is one of only four ships to change names entirely after a remodel. She came into the game in the Winter 2015 Event, and ever since then she has been a fan favorite for fairly obvious reasons. Her charming looks and demure personality change drastically from U-511 to Ro-500, but most people agree that both sides of this rare submarine are worth having in your fleet. A sentiment I 100% agree with, as I have two copies of her in my fleet now!

Unfortunately for submarines they rarely get much play in events, so they are often relegated to weekly grinding and tanking shots in level grinding. In the last event (Winter 2017) we were finally given important maps to send our subaquatic girls, but this is an incredibly rare occurrence. Despite the limited maps she can be used in, her ability to help Teitoku navigate the sometimes tedious waters of weeklies is invaluable. Her evasion is second to none among her fellow subs, and she’s got the second best luck stat right behind I-58 (Goya). The WG42 she gets at level 1 is a unique land attack weapon, and the torpedo she gets when she transitions to Ro-500 is one of the most devastating in the game. Like her sister subs her day battle is okay, but her night cut-in is excellent against surface targets. Overall her stats and distinct equipment are make her a must have in your sub fleet.

One of the most interestings aspects of this ship girl is the complete shift in personality she undergoes between U-511 and Ro-500. This is due to the fact that she was a German sub that was sold to Japan in 1943, so the transition reflects her changes in the German and Japanese Navy. While she’s in U-511 form she is very shy, reserved, and unsure of herself in her new environment. Ro-500 on the other hand is energetic and outgoing, having accepted her new home and her new admiral! Allow me to present the different lines between the two sides of this adorable coin:


  • I know. That’s the greeting in this fleet right? It’s different.
  • Danke. Thanks… is that right?
  • Yuu is number one? Danke. I understand. I’ll work even harder.


  • Yes, my Japanese has improved. I tried my best. Yes!
  • I’m happy desu te! Danke! Danke!
  • Huh? Ro is number one? Danke desu tte! I’m going to boast to Hacchan!


Building for U-511 began in early 1941 as Germany sought ways to disrupt allied shipping. U-511 was also built with the intention to test new sea-to-land rockets in the near future. She was commissioned on December 8th 1941 (the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor), and immediately set to training. In this time she briefly tested the WG42 rockets, and was successful in launching them from land and from a depth of 12 meters. However, due to inaccuracy and impracticality of the rockets the idea to have U-511 serve as an underwater rocket launcher was scrapped. This lead to U-511’s attachment to the 10th U-boat Flotilla, where she would spend her time until she was sold to Japan. It was in the Flotilla that she would reign terror upon allied shipping on her patrols.

In the 4 patrols that she was a part of U-511 managed to sink 5 ships, and severely damage a 6th. Her kills consisted of two tankers, two supply ships, and one merchant vessel. The total tonnage of supplies that U-511 sent to the bottom was 41,373 GRT. On her 4th patrol she boarded extra personnel for her fleet transition, and headed for Japan with the intention of joining the Imperial Navy against allied shipping in the Indian Ocean. She arrived at Kure on August 7th 1943, and she was turned over to the Imperial Japanese Navy on September 16th. From here on out history records her as Ro-500, and her achievements cease all together. She spends most of her time in a training capacity, only getting back into the war just in time to see it lost. The US Navy took control of her, and sank her as a target ship in 1946. Not the most dignified end for a terror of the depths, but at least she made it to see the end of the war.

TL;DR: If you’re looking for an evasive and lucky submarine in KanColle, then look no further than U-511/Ro-500. She gets some of the most unique equipment in the game for a sub, and her night battle capabilities are great for picking off surface targets for the win! She has two very discrepant personalities between her two forms, and her art is also drastically different between the two as well. Unfortunately for new players she’s only available in events, so you’ll have to wait till the next event she’s in to get her. The anticipation is well worth it though, as U-511/Ro-500 is one of the most sought after subs in the game for good reason! Best of luck, new Teitoku!

Love U-511/Ro-500, or ship girls in general? Tell us about it by contacting us! Check us out on Twitter to participate in the poll to see who the next girl will be in the KanColle spotlight! If you’re interested in joining us in KanColle be sure to check out our KanColle 101 guide to getting into the game. Cheers Teitoku!


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