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Well a full month after our last KanColle spotlight Twitter poll I finally got around to writing this one. On the eve of an event that promises a new foreign battleship (and a Russian one at that), I figured it was high time I got to it. This ship just barely beat out the other girls for the spotlight in the poll, but she is undoubtedly one of the most useful ships in any Teitoku’s fleet. I speak of course of the ever-popular…


Kashima is one of only two Training Cruiser in Kantai Collection. Introduced in the Fall 2015 Event as a map clearing reward, she has since risen to be one of the beloved character in the game. Her capabilities (few as they are), her playful personality, and (of course) her looks have won over many fans of the franchise. She may not be the most effective girl in every scenario, but where she is effective she shines like no other. Any teitoku should have at least one of her in their fleet, and after finishing this spotlight I hope you understand why she is so beloved in the community.

As the name suggests, Training Cruiser (CT’s) aren’t meant for actual combat. However, in KanColle this doesn’t mean that they’re useless, but that they are very niche picks. Kashima gives the other girls in her fleet bonus experience points during PvP battles. In KanColle PvP is essentially free XP anyway, so the addition of more XP makes Kashima a very useful ship-girl indeed! This XP boost scales with levels and is the most effective when you marry her (which I did). If you keep her in your PvP fleets it’s very easy to get her to level 99 (for marriage) relatively quickly, so don’t leave port for a training exercise without her! Unfortunately her combat effectiveness outside of PvP is minuscule at best. Kashima’s combat stats are largely overshadowed by other light cruisers, and as a CT she is not usable in fleets that require CL’s (light cruisers). Even with that she’s undoubtedly useful if only for her PvP attributes.

Another reason the KanColle fanbase has fallen head-over-heels for Kashima is her wonderful personality. She is one of the few ship-girls who openly talks about the prospects of peace (possibly because she’s a training ship), and her playful mannerisms make her seem flirty. Kashima’s lines characterize her as a fairly feminine with many showing an affinity for cooking and brewing coffee for others. Due to her self-perceived lack of combat capabilities, she also seems to have a slight lack of confidence as well. Some memorable in-game lines from her include:

  • Admiral, thanks for your hard work. Training cruiser, Kashima, checking in! Ufufu.
  • Eh, are you kidding – it’s me? Kashima has the best battle results? Really? No way, Admiral, I’m a little happy!
  • It’s 1000. Oh my, that’s everyone in the 6th Fleet. They look quite upbeat… Aoba, you’re in a mission, so taking photos right now is… eh? Bedhair?! It’s can’t be, oh no!!
  • It’s 2000, Admiral. I tried making Kashima’s special, Chicken Gratin. It’s piping hot♪ You can eat it together with this bread. Ufufu♪


Construction on the Katori Class CT Kashima began in late 1938, and wasn’t complete until late the next year. She immediately began her service career as part of a training cruise full of midshipmen (Naval officers in training). When war with the United States broke out, Kashima was head of the 4th Fleet in the Caroline Islands. Early in the war she was used for troop transport and a failed search for the USS Lexington, but otherwise she failed to see much action in the war. Her most harrowing moment was avoiding an attack by the USS Sculpin (submarine), and managing to sink it in a combined effort with other ships. Late in the war she was again assigned to gopher supplies to the beleaguered Japanese troops, and she was eventually assigned to an anti-submarine position in Korea until the end of the war.

Interestingly Kashima was not immediately scrapped or destroyed as target practice after the surrender. Instead she was used for post-war reparations for a little over a year. Her gun barrels were sawn off, and she was pressed into service to return POW’s to their countries of origin and Japanese troops back to Japan. This period of time might also be the reason the KanColle version of Kashima has a peace-driven focus in her voice lines. Kashima was later scrapped in Nagasaki for her parts and steel. Today Kashima lives again as a Training Cruiser in the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (TV-3508).

TL;DR: Kashima may not be the strongest cruiser in the game, but she’s certainly not useless. Her ability to give your PvP fleets extra experience makes her a must have in any Teitoku’s arsenal. Compounding her desirability is a unique design, and a soothingly feminine personality that has already captivated many players around the world. Look for this rare ship in the upcoming Spring 2017 Event! Cheers fellow Teitoku!

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