Cutest Characters of Spring 2017

It’s that time of the season folks. Whether you agree or disagree with us about their importance, the fact of the matter is that anime and cute girls go hand in hand. With most shows about a month in, we have been introducted to a majority of what the spring season has to offer this year. We have some fresh blood as well as some old favorites on the list, so buckle in and feast your eyes on Anime Arcade’s favorites from Spring 2017!



5. RyuZU (Clockwork Planet)

Bottom spot on my list for the girl that tricked me into selecting Clockwork Planet in the draft. Hard to find fault with the design of my new favorite gear maid, especially when looking at the illustrations that came out prior to the animation. It’s unfortunate however that the show is a mockery of that quality. I’m buckled in for what should be a fun ride nonetheless!


4. Elf Yamada (Eromanga Sensei)

Alright, so Eromanga Sensei has jumped into my life out of nowhere and will certainly be one of my most anticipated shows week to week this season. Super trope heavy? Hell yes. Is there anything wrong with that? Hell no. I basically knew Yamada-chan was best girl from the moment I saw her in the foreground thanks to her horribly endearing arrogance and bratty personality. Tsundere at its finest right here. She’s also got that pseudo royalty look going on, bonus points.


3. Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan Season 2)

Potato girl is back, and better than ever in season 2 of Attack on Titan. She has had some pretty amazing moments already, and received some back story which catapults her from the “maybe my favorite” to “without a question my favorite” status. All I can say is one thing Sasha… You better invest in some plot armor… Please?


2. Griffith (Berserk)

Okay, so this guy is so damn charming and attractive that the girls, the guys, kings, queens, priests, even Guts wants his D. Hell, even the Demons can’t resist his sex appeal. He could murder all of the friends you’ve ever had, rape your girlfriend, and you would still feel inclined to forgive him based on how pretty he is. You may be wondering how he is not in the top spot? Well, I guess I like middle school girls a bit better than world ending pretty boys.


1. Akane Mizuno (Tsukigakirei)

Tsukigakirei did not get picked in our quarterly draft this season so I decided I would give it a shot. Little did I know that it would end up as quite possibly my favorite show in the first four weeks. There are a lot of cute female characters here, but Akane shines in the main role with a sweet personality, and her squeezy potato. This girl is outrageously adorable in a uniquely authentic way compared to the others on this list. She isn’t an archetype, or a trope. She’s a middle school girl, and I like her just the way she is. Easy decision for the top spot in my book.



5. Tomoe Takasago (Eromanga-sensei)

We haven’t gotten much of her in the show so far, which is a real shame, but what we have gotten of her has been fantastic.  She’s witty, smart, and into books, all huge plusses in my book.  Unfortunately she seems to play the role of “childhood friend”, so my hopes of her getting anywhere with Masamune are slim. His loss I suppose!


4. Ririko Oribe (Sakura Quest)

Sakura Quest is one of my favorite shows so far this season and all of the five main girls are fantastic, but Ririko managed to put herself a step ahead of the rest in my view.  Her quiet demeanor is charming, as is her enthusiasm for the projects they get involved with.  She’s a little bit rebelious, working with Yoshino despite her mother being against the work that Yoshino does, and I find that attractive. Hopefully she’ll start to come out of her shell the more she works with the other girls and I can’t wait to see what she does.


3. Megumi Kato (Saekano)

Anyone that knows me knows of my love for Megumi. She’s fantastic. Her sass and sarcasm make my heart flutter and seeing how her interactions with Aki have changed as she has become more comfortable with him has been a joy to see. Her enthusiasm for the project is a new wrinkle to her character this season has been endearing to see and I look forward to seeing her grow more.


2. Chtholly Nota Seniorious (WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?)

Chtholly is a tragic and beautiful character.  If you aren’t watching WorldEnd or Sukasuka or whatever you want to call it, you should be.  Chtholly cute points come from her naivety and her reactions to her interactions with Willem.  She’s a young maiden in love, who is in a position where love doesn’t seem like an option and I’m a sucker for that kind of story.  She’s bold enough to ask for a kiss and gets disappointed when told that she can’t ask for marriage when Willem says he’ll do anything she asks.  She’s absolutely fantastic and I hope more people give WorldEnd a look so that they can see.


1. Akane Mizuno (Tsukigakirei)

Akane is simply the best representation of a middle school girl that I have seen in anime.  I can’t say that I know how middle school girls work and think, but watching her traverse the world of relationships and matters of the heart hit me with such a sense of nostalgia.  Everything that she does tugs at my heart strings and I want nothing more than for her to be happy.  Her disappointments are my disappointments, her anxieties are my anxieties, her joy is my joy and the fact that I feel that way speaks volumes about the depth of character she has.  She’s absolutely adorable and the world will burn if she doesn’t end up happy.



5. Sistine Fibel (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor)

I’m normally not much of a fan of tsundere girls, but Sistine Fibel is one of my few exceptions. A dedicated student who doesn’t take kindly to her slacker instructor (Glenn), Sistine seems at first like your typical serious tsundere. However, three episodes in there is an event that softens her outlook on her teacher and gives the character a little in the way of development. This paired with her design and wide range of reactions put her at a solid #5 for me on this season’s list.


4. Rin Onigawara (Armed Girls Machiavellianism)

Here too is another character I was not expecting to put on my cutest character list. Rin Onigawara is a sword-wielding, man-hating, badass who is one of the 5 Supreme Swords that runs the Aichi Symbiosis Academy. At first her demeanor is self righteous, but as soon as she gets to know Fudou Nomura (through combat) you see her attitude shift to one of cautious curiosity towards her new male charge. She won’t win awards for being the brightest character this season, but she’s definitely a runner up for cutest character in my book!


3. Lyria (Granblue Fantasy The Animation)

Lyria is the quintessential RPG heroine from the late 80’s and 90’s. She’s a powerful being who was held by an evil empire for reasons heretofore unknown. Despite cliched origins, her character art and voice actress exceed expectations. Lyria is believably naive to the world around her, and her voice and actions portray the image of a gentle soul who has been pulled into a tumultuous world. Her dedication to her friends, and her upbeat attitude despite her years in captivity made it hard for me to decide where to put her in this list. #3 felt fair.


2. Elf Yamada (Eromanga Sensei)

Elf Yamada is one of my favorite characters this season simply for being an author. Granted an eccentric/young hot-head of an author might not be terribly realistic, but this character’s love for the art of creative writing is one of my favorite things to watch this season. Her reactions to Izumi’s writing, and her superiority complex due to her sales numbers were also huge draws to this character as well. The fact that she plays the piano buck-naked was just icing on the cake! In a season that didn’t feature the next girl she’d be my #1 but…


1. Akane Mizuno (Tsukigakirei)

Akane Mizuno is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in anime in a long time. The whole show brings a nostalgic feel of adolescent love, and Akane drives it home with her adorable reactions to her classmates, her teammates, and especially her love interest (Azumi). Possibly the most endearing of her interactions are the ones she has with a stuffed stress toy called “Squeezy”. Whenever she feels anxious about coming events she pulls out this pink stress reliever, and this serves to illustrate the characters struggles in puberty. As we’ve stated on the podcast Tsuki Ga Kirei is a fantastic look into young romance, and Akane makes it so incredibly worth every second of watching it.


Community Picks

3T. Sistine Fibel (Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor)

Sistine made Carlos’s list and the community agreed that she was worthy of the list as well. Her cute design and tsundere personality stole the hearts of our community and we can’t blame them.


3T. Sana Kashimura (Alice & Zoroku)

She’s cute, blonde, and struggling to find her place in the world. It’s no surprise that the community fell in love with this adorable girl.


3T. Chtholly Nota Seniorious (WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?)

Naive and stubborn, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, Chtholly’s cuteness can’t be ignored and our community agreed!


2. Sagiri Izumi (Eromanga-sensei)

There is no denying that Sagiri is cute, despite what you may feel about the show’s premise and author.  If you haven’t watched the ED for Eromanga-sensei, go and do so and tell us that that isn’t adorable.


1. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia is immensely popular, and deservedly so, so it comes as no surprise that the top pick from our community was Ochako.  Her quirky and bright personlity is only outdone by her determination and loyalty.  It’s really no surprise that she got so much love!


Anime Arcade’s Cutest Character From Spring 2017

Akane Mizuno (Tsukigakirei)

For the first time, all 3 hosts of anime arcade agreed on Cutest Character, so it should come as no surprise that Akane earned the top overall spot.  If what we all said about her doesn’t convince you, do yourself a favor and check out the fantastic middle school romance anime that is Tsukigakirei.



Thanks for checking out our picks for this spring season! Thanks to all who participated in our community survey and we look forward to hearing your thoughts next season!

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