Anime Arcade 39 – Spring 2017 Reviews Part 2

Join Carlos, Jeff, and Logan as they wrap up their reviews for the Spring 2017 anime season! There will be spoilers!

We apologize for the quality of Logan’s audio in this podcast. He is unsure of how it turned out the way it did, but he is making sure that it doesn’t happen again.  We strive to have quality audio for our podcast and apologize for this dip.


Shows reviewed in this episode with times:

Re:Creators – 0:10:31

Sakura Quest – 0:15:54

Alice & Zoroku – 0:22:40

Clockwork Planet – 0:30:50

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism – 0:39:54

Granblue Fantasy the Animation – 0:49:38

Hinako Note – 0:59:30

Berserk 2017- 1:07:23

Love Tyrant – 1:16:38

How to Raise a Boring Girldfriend ♭- 1:25:20




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