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The KanColle Summer 2017 is very nearly here, and all of us are in super saver mode trying to hoard resources for this event. This one promises to be a large one, and may prove problematic to newer players. Now that it’s panic mode time for a lot of players I figured it’s time for another KanColle Spotlight, and the kanmusu we have this time around is truly one-of-a-kind! Please enjoy my look into one of  KanColle’s first pirates…


Kiso is one of the five ships that make up the Kuma Class of light cruisers, and one of only three ships in the game that can become a torpedo cruiser (CLT). She was one of the original ships in the game, and her Kai Ni was added shortly after the game’s release. Her abilities as a torpedo cruise set her apart from most of her light cruiser counterparts, and her design (especially her Kai Ni art) has captivated many of the fans and fan artists alike. She’s not the strongest among torpedo cruisers, but she is incredibly useful due to the rarity of that ship class to begin with. If you’re looking for your next ship to level up to kai ni (and you haven’t done so already), then use this spotlight to consider Kiso as your next candidate for leveling.

In terms of combat stats, Kiso’s are a cut above most light cruisers. Her torpedo skills are only topped by Kitakami and Ooi, but they are still miles ahead of her light cruiser competition. On top of this she also has decent anti-air and anti-submarine stats, though you wouldn’t use her in these roles very often (if at all). One area she really shines in is evasion, as she shares the highest evasion with only 2 other cruisers (Sendai/Yahagi). When push comes to shove she’s objectively weaker at what a CLT is supposed to do than Ooi and Kitakami, but she’s still one of only 3 torpedo cruisers in the game. Her ability to use an opening torpedo strike is invaluable to many regular and event maps, and her evasion could give her the edge against heavier foes. When it comes to ship girls, you should never count out the pirate!

Much like Tenryuu or Nachi, Kiso is one of KanColle’s tough gals. Her personality in game is that of a brash yet dependable older sister, and she is often depicted as caring towards her sisters and Maru-Yu.  Her in-game lines are are pretty short, but this only reinforces her persona as a no nonsense ship girl. Unfortunately the developers of the game haven’t given her hourly lines for teitoku’s to enjoy, although she has been given a number of seasonal event lines. Some of her more notable lines include:

  • Now ya talking, skinship is important.
  • Where’s the fool that dares challenge me?
  • Someday, together with you… No, nothing. It’s so unlike me too. Heh.
  • Did you really think you could get away with that?


The IJN Kiso was commissioned in May of 1921, and immediately pressed into service covering the beaches during the little known Siberian intervention. Other than this her other pre-war service was filled with patrol duty, and ceremonious occasions. When war broke out, Kiso continued patrol duty, but also took part in the unsuccessful pursuit of the USS Hornet and USS Enterprise. During Battle of the Aleutian Islands Kiso found herself covering troop landings on the island of Kiska. Offshore Kiso and several other ships were attacked by US planes. However, on this and another occasion involving an attack by a PBY Catalina Kiso came out unscatherd.

A while later Kiso would end up evacuating soldiers from the failed Aleutian campaign. From here she would continue on patrol and resupply duty, stopping only for modernization twice. Late in the war, Kiso became the flagship of 5th fleet, but this would not last very long. In a repeat episode of her former run-in with the US Army Air Force, over 350 planes bore down on her as she was off the coast of Cavite. She was struck in several places and sank in shallow waters, leaving her upper half exposed out of the water. She was refloated and salvaged after the war in 1955. Thus far no ship in the JMSDF has been commissioned with her name, but maybe one day in the future she’ll sail again.

TL;DR: Kiso is a fantastic addition to any fleet, simply by being one of only three torpedo cruisers in the game. Her ability to engage in an opening strike, and her evasion make her valuable to admirals looking for a hard hitting kanmusu a decent chance to dodge attacks. For admirals who enjoy the brash and fearless ship-girls, Kiso is also a must as she is one of the few girls with a pirate look to her. Look for Kiso on the regular maps, or in your  construction queue if you don’t have her already!

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