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The Summer event is upon us! Have you gotten all the ship-girls you were looking for, or are you in panic mode? At the time of writing this I am currently taking a break from depleting my resources to level up my shiny new Richelieu. While I’m grinding my newest fast battleship up to kai, it’s time for me to put fingers to keyboard and regale you with the tale of another fantastic ship girl. This one comes from the Twitter poll made by listener turned drinkin’ buddy Supeingo! You can join him on our discord server by contacting us, but for now the girl of the hour is…


Maya is one of four Takao class heavy cruisers (CA) in the game, and she’s one of two in that same class to have a second upgrade (kai ni). She is arguably one of the most used ships in the game due to a quirk in her abilities, and her relative ease of making it to her final form compared to other CA’s. Maya is one of the original ships of the game, so getting her is fairly painless as well. She’s the heavy cruiser that many early level teitoku level up first, so it stands to reason that she received so many votes in the Twitter poll (even beating Hibiki)! If you’re a starting teitoku reading these spotlights to see who you should be putting levels into, then I strongly recommend this girl for leveling when you get her!

One of the best anti-air-cut-in (AACI) abilities comes from Maya. She has the strongest AA stat among heavy cruisers at 106, but the kicker comes in her ability to perform AACI with a set equipment build. In her kai ni form all you need is a high angle gun, one of the better AA guns, and an air radar (for higher API) to achieve AACI. This can be life saving (or ship saving as it were) in maps with high concentrations of air-power, and if you lack the all-important zuki guns to use against airplanes. Other than that, her additional stats are almost all above average in her highest form. Maya’s torpedo, health, armor, and evasion stats are all pretty good for a heavy cruiser. Seriously, level this girl up if you haven’t already.

Much like Kiso, Maya is a brash and informal ship-girl. She talks to her admiral in a somewhat tsundere manner at times, but most of her lines display a girl eager to join the battle. Her hot headed temperament is in stark contrast to her sisters in the Takao class, but this helps to separate her from the pack. Maya shares the same voice actress as the Kongou sisters, most likely due to the fact that she was mistaken for a Kongou class battleship in her history (more on that later). She is supposedly featured in the Kantai Collection Movie, but since that hasn’t seen a western release yet I can only speculate whether she plays a pivotal roll or not. For more on this ship-girl, please enjoy some of her more notable in-game lines:

  • Yo, Admiral! Working hard? Cause today is another day for me to kick some ass! (Listen Here)
  • Admiral~ calm down a bit will ya? Why dontcha just follow MY example! …Eh? “You’re one to talk”!? (Listen Here)
  • Isn’t it obvious? I’m Maya the Awesome, you know? (Listen Here)
  • All right! It’s summer, summer! Feels good huh? Hey, Admiral, take off your clothes and stuff and let’s go swimming! (Listen Here)


The IJN Maya might have the most battle ridden history of any ships I’ve written about to date. She was commissioned in 1932 as the last of the Takao class of heavy cruisers, and she would nearly be the last one to see the open ocean. Early on in the war she was credited with the sinking of a British and an American destroyer in the same night. She would go on to attack a convoy, unsuccessfully pursue Admiral Halsey, and provide bombing support at Guadalcanal. Around this time she participated in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, where she played a role in sinking the US aircraft carrier Hornet. A second encounter with a USN aircraft carrier (Enterprise) would nearly prove fatal, as a near miss and a plane collision had her steaming back to Japan for repairs.

Maya was refit multiple times during the war, the final one making her an outright anti-air cruiser. She would assist in evacuating, moving, and resupplying troops in the various island campaigns. During one such movement she was attack and hit by a SBD Dauntless from the USS Saratoga, which would prompt her final refitting. The Battle of the Philippine Sea would be Maya’s first test at protecting other ships from American air power, and most of the fleet that was with Maya managed to survive that battle with minor damage. However, four months later at the Battle of Leyte Gulf the story was much different as submarines were brought to bear against the Japanese fleet. Maya was hit by four torpedoes after being mistaken for a Kongou class battleship, and she sank with her sisters Atago and Takao. Today there is no ship that bears the name of the heavy cruiser Maya in the JMSDF.

TL;DR: Maya really is a must have ship-girl for every teitoku. She offers the power of a heavier ship, with the added bonus of a free anti-air cut in. On top of that her stats are all pretty well above the norm for her class. Her bold and cocky attitude makes her stand-out in her class, and this attitude comes from a history steeped in battle. If you’re a new teitoku, then look for Maya on regular maps or in your construction queue. If you have her at a low level, then LEVEL HER UP NOW!!!

Love Maya, or ship girls in general? Tell us about it by contacting us! Check us out on Twitter to participate in the poll to see who the next girl will be in the KanColle spotlight! If you’re interested in joining us in KanColle be sure to check out our guides to getting into the game. Cheers Teitoku!



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