Cutest Characters of Summer 2017

Welcome one and all to one of anime’s greatest debates! The anime community has many reasons for vigorous discourse, but today we are brought together for one in particular. It is finally time for us to decide our Cutest Characters for the Summer 2017 Anime Season! Much like previous seasons, the hosts will be picking 5, our listeners/readers will pick 5, and from those lists we will crown the cutest character of the season! The top pick for the season will go on to the end of the year post, and compete in a 4 way match for cutest of the year. For now let’s meet our contestants for Summer 2017!


4. Yuma (Netsuzou Trap)

Yah… Okay. What am I thinking with this pick right? She’s cute, that’s what I’m thinking. This is a post about cuteness, right?

3. Shahra (Altair: A Record of Battles)

We really don’t get enough dark skinned characters in anime, especially dark skinned females. I hope the picture above drives that point home. Shahra is an absolute beauty, and has a really fun personality to match. I don’t know too much about her at the point I’m at in the show, but I have seen enough to be very interested…

2. Ruler, Jeanne D’Arc (Fate/Apocrypha)

I have been anxiously waiting the appearance of Jeanne since Fate/Zero released and I realized that caster was probably talking about that Jeanne (Helped by the fact that I was playing the amazing PSP tactical game about the same fabled hero at around the same time). She has a truly beautiful character design, and while shes not quite as cute in the show as other iterations, she still deserves a spot in my top five. Just look at her…


Okay, stop looking. You should read the rest of the article.


1. Rider of Black, Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha)

I know you are thinking I cheated and used two characters from the same show, and I feel very badly about that. I just couldn’t resist. There could have easily been three characters from this show on my list though, so be happy I didn’t do that. Who was number three? Carlos knows.

This is the second season that a male has appeared on my list of cutest characters, and the first time a “he” is number one. Can you blame me though? Astolfo starts Fate/Apocrypha off as a clear good presence in an otherwise dark show. He’s got a cute personality and an awesome character design. Not to mention a fang. I love fangs…


5. Sarah Gold (Restaurant to Another World

An adorable treasure hunter that eats minced meat cutlets with a look of pure bliss? Sign me up!  It may be true that she doesn’t get much screen time due to the nature of Restaurant to Another World, but every time she is on screen I can’t help but think, “That girl is super cute”!

4. Karen Tendou (Gamers!)

Come on. You know I had to put at least one blonde on here! Being blonde isn’t the only thing that made me fall in love with Karen’s character in the anime Gamers!.  She’s passionate about gaming, she’s diligent and thoughtful, and the number of embarrassed expressions she displayes throughout the show is adorable.  Some don’t care for her personality, but I admire her for her passion and she is undeniably cute!

3. Mari Fukami (Fastest Finger First)

Mari is certainly a cutie, but what really sold me on her was her voice. It was unlike anything I had heard in anime previously, and for good cause. Mari is the first main role for Umika Kawashima and she is rocking it! Mari’s enthusiasm for Quiz Bowl and the cute moments that she has when she gets flustered around Shiki, along with her voice, are what cemented her spot on my list.

2. Ririna Sonoda (Love and Lies)

I really struggled between choosing Ririna or Misaki for this spot on my list.  Ultimately, Ririna’s naivete was what won me over.  She’s new to love and friendship, and despite having her future husband chosen for her, she still wants to explore these emotions and make choices for herself.  Some of her decisions are questionable at best, but her enthusiasm for experiencing new things is charming.  We’ll see how long she can go before realizing that she probably does have feelings for her husband-to-be, but the journey with her has been fun so far and I look forward to seeing more!

1. Hifumi Takimoto (New Game!!)

We usually try not to include characters that are from a second season, or a continuation, but the changes that Hifumi has gone through in this second season of New Game!! made it impossible for me not to put her on my list.  Ever since Aoba joined the team, Hifumi has been trying to become better at socializing and interacting with others, both inside the workplace and out.  It has been a joy to see her grow and struggle and persevere.  I love everything about Hifumi and each episode of New Game!! just reaffirms that for me.


5. Yukana Yame (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)

It should come as no surprise to people who follow my work that I love me some ecchi. While Hajimete no Gal certainly scratches that itch, it’s the female lead that really draws me to the show. A bold & brazen kogal who is really a sweet & shy girl underneath her facade? It’s like this show was made for me (minus some really annoying side characters). Yame joins Galko in the “Gyaru I love that aren’t from hentai” list. A prestigious list indeed, and it makes her worthy of a spot on my cutest character list for the season!

4. Himeno Kimihara (A Centaur’s Life)

A Centaur’s Life is one of my favorite manga of all time, and the anime adaptation this season hasn’t disappointed me in the slightest. Himeno remains my favorite character from this series with her extremely girly ways that are offset by her size. She’s a sweet and caring, and constantly shows concern for her friends and family. However, despite her dainty personality, she is more than willing and able to come to the rescue of herself and others. Himeno is a fantastic pick for any cutest character list… provided you aren’t weirded out by centaur chicks.

2. Ange le Carré (Princess Principal)

I not sure what to think about Princess Principal going into the season, but after episode one I was on the edge of my seat waiting for more. A big part of that was due to Ange and her mysterious nature. Over the course of the coming months I’m hoping we get more of her backstory to fill out her character more, but even as she is now she is a great addition to my list. Ange is a spy (kinda spoilers) and she excels at her job. She completes missions with finesse and stone cold determination, making her the only “cool beauty” on my list. Even though she’s not in my usual wheelhouse of cute characters, I am happy to have her on my list this season.

2. Mordred/Saber of Red (Fate/Apocrypha)

This one surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting Fate/Apocrypha to yield any characters I deemed as cute. However, Mordred fits that description very well along with others such as badass and best dressed. She’s defiant and a little rude, but underneath that is a character who simply wants to be accepted as powerful and wise. Her unabashed pride in her skills mixed with her sulky fits when she doesn’t get her way makes her one of the cutest damn characters of the season. If she had been more of a presence in these last couple of episodes I might have considered her more for #1, but alas there was one just slightly better in my eyes.

1. Ririna Sanada (Love and Lies)

I know a lot of people like Misaki more from Love and Lies, but for me the cutest character is Ririna. Her interactions with Nejima, and her staunch devotion to pairing him with Misaki are really endearing to me. It’s unclear as of right now what her true feelings for Nejima are, but whatever the case it’s clear that she will do her best to act in her friends interests. Ririna’s is very honest with her feelings thus far, and shows real concern for the new friends/pseudo-fiance in her life. If this anime continues its current pace then I thoroughly recommend you watch it if you haven’t already. Only then can you see why I think Ririna’s the best pick for cutest character of the season.


Community Picks

3T. Ange le Carré (Princess Principal)

The top spots for this seasons cutest characters were highly contested amongst our community. The first character in a 4 way tie for 3rd is Ange from Princess Principal. This mysterious girl fought her way into the top spot of our listener’s list with her ability to kick ass and look good doing it.

3T. Yame Yukana (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)

Second in the tie for 3rd cutest is Yame of Hajimete no Gal. Yame’s cute and sexy antics make the show worth watching despite the main character’s over-the-top nature/friends. It’s good to see a Gal get labeled as cute over just being brushed aside as a “slut”.

3T. Rinko (Made in Abyss)

Rinko from Made in Abyss also made the list, and I’m pretty surprised she wasn’t higher on the list. This spelunking grade school student brings the adventure this season and the community is loving it!

3T. Mari Fukami (Fastest Finger First)

People love trivia shows and people love cute girls. Mari Fukami represents the best of both worlds, and our community agreed!

2T. Himeno Kimihara (A Centaur’s Life)

Himeno is just any other girl, despite the fact that she’s a centaur.  Her cute demeanor and earnest attitude won the hearts of our audience and earned her a spot on the list!

2T. Karen Tendou (Gamers!)

Karen Tendou seems to be a divisive character with some absolutely adoring her and some who can’t stand her.  Enough people were able to agree that, despite her flaws, her cuteness and determination were worthy of tying for second place!

1. Hifumi Takimoto (New Game)

It comes a shock to no one here at Anime Arcade that Hifumi was the communities favorite. Anyone who is watching New Game knows how much she has grown as a character this season and she was able to take the communities top pick with ease!

Anime Arcade’s Cutest Character From Spring 2017


Hifumi Takimoto

Taking both Logan’s top spot, and the Communities, Hifumi seemed like the perfect pick to win Anime Arcade’s Cutest Characters from Spring 2017!  It’s rare that we get a character who has changed so much over the course of two seasons of anime. Most characters have their personality and that becomes their schtick. Hifumi has been shy and quiet right from the get go, but her efforts to become a more sociable person are making apparent gains in the second season of New Game. All of this effort on her part, and the new things she is experiencing because of it, make her incredibly endearing and cute. We look forward to seeing her grow even more!

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