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Esports has been an interest of Anime Arcade’s host since its inception. Watching a game you love played at the highest level makes you excited to queue up for that next match, even knowing that you (and your teammates) are nowhere near that level. With the rise of esports acceptance has come a rush of new fans eager to get involved in the action, and we are no different in this respect. Since our very first month as a website we have run a fantasy esports league for one of our favorite game (League of Legends), and we hope that this will entice you to join our next tournament.

How It Works

  1. When the next season of the LCS is about to start Riot Games will (eventually) announce that the Fantasy Leagues are open.
  2. We will do a roll call asking who is willing to join us on our Discord channel (use the Contact Us page to ask about the Discord)
  3. We discuss a time when all the players are available and set up a draft.
  4. DRAFT TIME! Here’s what happens (not exactly in this order):
    1. Pick the players that you think will do best next season in each of the 5 positions (Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support)
    2. Pick a team you think will do best.
    3. Pick players for your bench.
    4. Don’t know anything about this esports scene? No problem, the draft tool gives you estimates on the potential performance of the player / team.
  5.  Play through the season simply by locking in your team at different weeks.
    1. Be careful for bye weeks, substitutions, and the rare injury (they can happen).
  6. The person with the most points by the end of the 9 week season wins the prize!


What Prize Are We Playing For?

There are 2 prizes for the winners of our Fantasy Leagues to choose from:

  1. $35 worth of RP (Riot Points) to the League of Legends account of your choice.
  2. Any of the League of Legends mini-figures found on the Riot Merch Store!

These prizes may change over the years, but for now this is it. Also, for those who do not win (and have LoL accounts) you will receive a mystery skin from me if I have you added in game!

Please note that you do not have to play League of Legends, or even watch the LCS matches to participate. Those would certainly help your enjoyment, but we’re hoping that by participating in a friendly Fantasy Esports tournament, that we might spread some love for Esports in general. Who knows, you may find yourself interested in playing League of Legends as well! If this has piqued your interest (and it’s time for another season of the LCS), then hit us up on our Discord to play some Fantasy LCS with some great people!

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