Anime Arcade 60 – Winter 2018 Reviews Part 2

Join Carlos, Jeff and Logan as they finish up their reviews for the Winter 2018 anime season! A lot of fantastic anime get discussed this episode and there are a lot of spoilers! If you wish to avoid those spoilers, or are just not interested in a show, we have provided time stamps below for when a discussion for a show starts. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Shows discussed in this episode:

Katana Maidens — 15:58
Darling in the Franxx — 21:28
Dagashi Kashi Season 2 — 34:18
Marchen Madchen — 45:23
Yowapedal — 54:53
Citrus — 1:00:18
School Babysitters — 1:11:18
Skilled Teaser Takagi — 1:22:37
Takunomi — 1:30:53
Kokkoku — 1:37:46
After the Rain — 1:52:01
The Ancient Magus Bride — 2:08:41
Violet Evergarden — 2:23:55
A Place Further Than the Universe — 2:55:23

Screenshots mentioned during Marchen Madchen Discussion:




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