Cutest Characters of Spring 2018!

WE’RE LATE!!! Similar to our last cutest character post we will give you our top picks, and the collective top picks of the Anime Arcade community. We won’t bore you with much more (since we are so very late on this), so without further ado here are our cutest characters of the spring 2018 anime season.



5. Miharu Nijino (Comic Girls)

There were a lot of characters that I considered for the final spot on my list, and Miharu was able to edge all of them out in the end. She doesn’t get a ton of screen time in the anime, but every time that she was on screen, I couldn’t help but smile. She’s young and earnest, wanting to be the best teacher she can while also secretly loving anime and manga. She’s a total nerd and I loved every moment she let those nerdy colors fly! Also, while some may not care for this sort of thing, she is an adorable drunk which is a big plus in my book!

4. Iroha Igurashi (Real Girl)

I really enjoyed Iroha. Sure, she has a pretty face, but her personality is what I fell in love with. She isn’t afraid to be frank and speak her mind, and she doesn’t mind showing off her body in tasteful ways. She’s cute and fun and she knows how to work that.  Her acceptance of Tsutsui’s hobbies and patience when dealing with his denseness were also admirable traits that solidified her spot on my list.

3. Koyumi Koizuka (Comic Girls)

Bubbly, fun and blond! What’s not to love!? Koyume was just so much fun to watch. She’s a total dork that loves food and slacking off.  A shoujo romance manga artist with no practical romantic experience, seeing her work through her struggles as a mangaka and find success was endearing. She was always there for Kaos and her ability to brighten the room was invaluable to that dorm.

2. Ruki Irokawa (Comic Girls)

Contrasting Koyume is Ruki. She’s cool, calm, and collected, but if you ask her about her manga she becomes adorably embarrassed! Her insecurity surrounding both the genre she writes for, as well as herself as a person, was cute. While her chest may not be large, she is full of heart.  Despite her embarrassment, it’s clear that she loves creating manga and I love the passion she has for it. If I ever find her waiting outside for someone to be her boyfriend, I would gladly take that title!

1. Teresa Wagner (Tada Never Falls in Love)

Bubbly, fun and blonde! What’s not to love!? Teresa being my number 1 choice was pretty much decided before the season even started. She is extremely charming and absolutely gorgeous. She is smart and compassionate and extremely quirky. She loves taking pictures of rocks, she chose Japan as her place to study abroad because she loves a TV show named Rainbow Shogun, but the most refreshing aspect of all is that she is honest with herself about her feelings. She has a lot of weight of responsibility on her shoulders, but she doesn’t let that stop her from smiling. She is simply beautiful, both inside and out, and making her my cutest character of the spring season was a no-brainer.


As is the case with most seasons, I have not the variety of cuteness as my counterparts, but I’m still confident that these cute little darlings stand up to the competition and will stand the test of anime time in seasons to come!

5. 01 – Princess of the Klaxosaurs (Darling in the FRANXX)

In the second cour of Darling in the FRANXX we were treated to a reveal of the leader of the Klaxosaurs. 01 was the last sentient Klaxosaur, who had a strange charm about her as the last of a dying species. Though her demeanor could best be described as hauntingly beautiful, there is no denying that her character model is very cute. Though it may be strange to say, this Queen of a dead species was one of the five that stole my heart this season.

4. Miyu “Fukaziroh” Shinohara (SAOA:GGO)

Miyu Shinohara was one of the most fun characters this season. In her real world form she’s a dirty minded college girl who loves VRMMO’s, but in the game world of GGO she’s a dirty minded loli with a love for her two grenade launchers! Coming in the later half of the season meant that we didn’t get much time with her, but the time we did get was tremendously enjoyable. Here’s hoping that if we get more of the Alternative GGO series, we get a lot more of Miyu!

3. Shiina Kagari (Steins;Gate 0)

Nope, you are not mistaken… the caption for this picture is not a mistake. Kagari, a Kurisu lookalike to be sure, is the real mystery from the 0 season of Steins;Gate. Who is she? Where does she come from? Why does she look so much like our beloved Christina? All things we hope we find an answer to, but for now we can just enjoy how cute she is and hope she doesn’t meet a cruel fate…

2. Karen “LLENN” Kohiruimaki (SAOA:GGO)

Karen was one of the most endearing characters of this last season. Through her real world persona we got to see a girl who was hindered by a self consciousness, who found refuge in a video game world. Many in the anime and gaming community can certainly relate to this character, and the fact that her in-game persona (LLENN) was so adorable made it all the better. Oddly enough her charm only ramps up when she loses herself to the game world, and goes all out in her PVP battles. Karen in both her personas is both lovable and relatable, and we hope we get to see more of her in the future!

1. 02 (Darling in the FRANXX)

Moving from my #5 spot last seasons to my #1 spot in this one is 02 of Darling in the FRANXX! This tremendous leap can be attributed to the backstory we got in the second cour of the show. The further knowledge of the mysterious girl warmed our hearts this past season, as we discovered the long held love she harbored for Hiro from their childhood. The suffering she endured to attain her near human appearance was heartbreakingly endearing to me as I watched o2 transition into a young woman. The finale just solidified her as my cutest character of the season, as it showed the endurance of her love through time and space.


5. Kunou (High School DxD)

Those who listened to our Spring Review podcasts (specifically part 2) know that I loved the new season of DxD. However, I failed to mention that what made the first half of that season such a success in my eyes was the switch up to the Yokai of Kyoto. Leading the supernatural beings of Japan’s ancient capital was Kunou, an energetic young fox spirit looking to free her mother from captivity. Over the course of the series she (like many of the other females in this show) slowly warmed to Issei and his crew, and showed us an exceedingly cute side that I’m hoping to see again in future seasons!

4. Miyu “Fukaziroh” Shinohara (SAOA:GGO)

While the SAO franchise is most notable for tense situations and life-or-death struggles, SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online went with a more lighthearted approach in it’s storytelling. Nowhere is this captured better than in the character and antics of Miyu Shinohara. She doesn’t have much of a presence in the first half of the series, but immediately after becoming a main character she won me over with her hilariously brash personality that clashed with her loli-esk character model. The fact that she duel wields grenade launchers was just the icing on an already adorable cake.

3. Aspira (Golden Kamuey)

Asirpa came to us last season in Golden Kamuey, and she is not cute in the traditional sense of the word. This Ainu girl is clever, and willing to get her hands dirty for the sake of her and Sukimoto’s mission. However, her cuteness comes in the form of a naiveté about the modern world of the early 1900’s. Despite her extensive knowledge of the wilderness of Hokkaido, she is charmingly ignorant to the reality of industrial Japan. The moments where she’s forced to confront the developed world provide some very cute moments this last spring, and I’m hoping for more this coming fall!

2. Ruki Irokawa (Comic Girls)

Ruki Irokawa proves that manga creators can indeed be very cute (even the ones that draw smut). Living in a dorm with 4 other mangaka, she draws ecchi manga for her adoring (mostly female) audience. Ruki too has an adorably naive side when it comes to technology, which comes out often in the course of Comic Girls. What makes Ruki stand out so much this season was an incredibly endearing episode where she got to meet the fans of her work and discover a new love for her craft. That touching scene alone nearly put her at #1, but another one stole it out from under her.

1. Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Anzu is an absolute diamond in the rough that is Hinamatsuri. Not to say the show is bad (check our seasonal review for more), but she is the one light of innocence in an otherwise darkly hilarious show. Anzu is a telepath like Hina, and after failing to bring Hina home she is forced to live among a homeless population for a while. This time spent in abject poverty taught her humility, which she then carries over to her foster family. Every action she takes and word she speaks is full of a childlike sincerity born of her humility and ignorance, and every scene with her in it is better just for her presence. The best moment in the show involves her, and genuinely moved me emotionally. I can say without a doubt that Anzu was not only the cutest character, but also my best character of the spring anime season.

Community Picks

3T. Hina (Hinamatsuri)

3T. Ichigo (Darling in the FRANXX)

3T. Kaoruko Moeta (Comic Girls)

2. Karen “LLENN” Kohiruimaki (SAOA:GGO)

1. Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Anime Arcade’s Cutest Character of Spring 2018!

Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Being the #1 picks for both Carlos and the Anime Arcade community at large, Anzu was a shoe in for the cutest character of Spring 2018! Her adorable innocence in the face of an otherwise absurd comedy was a stark contrast, but a welcome one all the same. Anzu’s life lesson’s taught us all a little more about compassion, and stood as a mirror to human wastefulness. She is truly one of the stand out characters of the season, and also one of the cutest!

Once again a huge thanks to our community members who voted on the cutest character poll, and apologies for it coming out so late! We look forward to doing the summer cutest character poll (on time) next season. Until then look forward to our upcoming first impressions podcast!!

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