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The announcement of Love Live Fes has created quite a stir in the “Idol Hell” branch of our discord community of late. The announcement of any Love Live concert usually creates at least some ripples within our fandom, but the knowledge that this live will include all 3 generations of the esteemed franchise has created something of a tidal wave. We’re not entirely sure what to expect from this concert, but the prospect of μ’s taking the stage once again is too enticing to pass up for those of us who missed out on seeing them live!

While we’re not entirely sure that Love Live’s first school idol group will perform, it’s certainly reasonable to assume they will given the magnitude of the announcement. With the balloting for the event set to start later this month, I thought it would be fun (and interesting) to conduct a poll to discover which μ’s songs fans would most like to see at Love Live Fes! Feel free to pick as many songs as you want on the list, and I’ll announce the closing of poll as well as the results at a later date.

Note: I mostly input singles, and some blu-ray songs that feature all of µ’s. No B-sides and no sub-units (although I may do sub-unit polls after this one). Given that most Love Live concerts run 4 hours long, it’s not hard to assume they’ll only be playing their main songs. I would love to hear Ruteshi Kisuki Shiteru live (especially since it has never been performed live), but if I’m being realistic there’s a VERY slim chance they’ll perform it. That being said, please let me know if I missed any. Also I’m aware that not all the songs have all of µ’s in them, but those songs are ones I can see them playing them at Fes.

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